Because Your Quality of Life Matters

Expert care is required to stabilize and then improve the quality of living of individuals who are either in advanced age or experiencing mobility impairment due to medical conditions. S & S Private Home Care, LLC model of care is comprehensively made to help meet the identified health, social, and emotional insufficiencies of older adults and the mobility impaired.

Overall wellness is the goal of our excellence-focused services and patient-first values. To provide our clients with every assistance they need, we offer:

caregiver washing the hand of the elderly
Personal Care/Hands On Care

– This type of care focuses more on hands-on assistance and care for our clients. This program is comprehensively organized and planned to embrace each of our client’s day-to-day domestic activities and chores.

caregiver giving some medical tea to the elderly
Companion Service/Sitter

– This type of care focuses more on the emotional, social, and psychological well-being of our clients. Prevention and alleviation of the adverse effects of loneliness and depression among senior adults are the principal goals of this care program.

caregiver giving some medical to the elderly
Skilled Nursing

– This service is ideal for those who need ongoing long-term nursing care or those who need short-term concentrated rehabilitation.

caregiver with her patient
Respite Care

– This service will serve best those who have been serving as their family member’s primary caregiver for a considerable period of time. This aims to give them their much-needed break and help them recover from the daily stressors that come with the duty.